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Benchmark Learners

You will be able to Identify and agree your learners’ baseline strengths and weaknesses, and then design tailored and personal learning plans based on those areas for further development.

Constant Tracking

Accurately track distance traveled from the start to the end of their course to support action planning and measure impact.

Skills Plan

Learners receive a skills plan based on the skills gaps indicated in their assessment that will direct them to the specific resources they need to improve their skills.


Included with the assessment is a set of innovative resources: video tutorials, practice skills which include interactive games, and summative assessments covering the 7 key CBI employability skills.

Currently being developed

Skills Work will be our new psychometric test that will quickly, accurately and objectively measure a learner’s core employability skills. We are hoping to release this new assessment in July.

Perfect products take time

Skills Forward are also working with employability professionals to embed the Gatsby Career Benchmark criteria into our assessment and supporting resources.

We are currently mapping the key sought after employability skills as identified by the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) into our assessment and resources.

Fill in the gaps with Skills Work when it's released

  • Accurately track distance travelled
  • Learners receive a skills plan based on the skills gaps
  • Video tutorials, Practice skills with Interactive games
  • Identify our learners’ baseline strengths & weaknesses

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