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Self Assessment

Our Skills Review has been built specifically to self-assess that the apprenticeship is an appropriate training programme for the individual and what is needed to reach occupational competency. This is validated by the employer and training provider.

Accurate Starting Points

Review an individual’s relevant learning and experience against the knowledge, skills and behaviors set out in the Apprenticeship standard or framework and measure progress throughout the programme to safeguard EPA gateway readiness.

ESFA funding Rules

Record prior learning, and the ‘starting point’ of the apprentice to meet the ESFA funding rules.

The perfect partner for training providers

A detail self- assessment skills gap analysis of the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviors within the Apprenticeship standard or framework.

Employer and provider validated to accurately capture an individual’s true starting point.

Making Initial Assessment more than English and maths.

Evidences prior learning and supports dialogue with the employer on how the programme will be delivered to reflect any relevant existing knowledge, skills and behaviors.

Skills Review helps you keep the employer up to date on the Apprentice’s progress throughout their apprenticeship.

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