Recognise prior learning

Skills Review supports providers to review and evidence an apprentices prior learning based on the skills, knowledge and behaviour of their apprenticeship.

Accurate starting Points

Review an individual’s accurate starting point against any apprenticeship standard or framework and measure their progress throughout the programme to assess end-point assessment gateway readiness.

Supports evidence and compliance

Evidence prior learning and provide accurate data to meet ESFA funding rules.

Assessment Solutions

Skills Review is a self-assessed skills gap analysis tool that enables a learner and their employer to review and input prior learning and measure the key areas of knowledge, skills, competence and behaviours that are part of the apprenticeship standard.

Our Skills Review software has been built specifically to self-assess that the apprenticeship is an appropriate training programme for the individual, and what is needed to reach occupational competency. This is validated by the employer and training provider.

“The joy of working within the apprenticeship sector is seeing the delight of apprentices when they achieve their end-point assessment and successfully gain an apprenticeship certificate. To help ensure this success for an apprentice it is really important to identify the current skills, knowledge, experience and behaviours as well as clearly understanding gaps and areas for improvement. Skills Review is a well-researched and developed tool to aid with this identification and ensure on programme learning is tailored to help the apprentice with learning, progression and successful achievement of end-point assessment.”

Charlotte Bosworth
Managing Director


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