Skills Review: online skills analysis to evidence prior learning of apprentices

eLearning for apprentices

The latest software innovation to be added to our portfolio is Skills Review – an eLearning tool that supports employers, education providers and apprentices. Skills Review evaluates an apprentice’s current skill set against any apprenticeship standard. Skills Review has been developed in partnership with end-point assessment experts to meet the demands of modern apprenticeship delivery. The eLearning tool is designed to help tutors and employers to pinpoint an apprentice’s starting point, or throughout their delivery as a skills check. When conducted at the beginning of the apprenticeship, this helps providers to make adjustments based on prior learning to the programme, supporting retention and achievement whilst allowing providers to evidence this to regulators.

How Skills Review supports success

Skills Review enables tutors and employers to build a true picture of an apprentice’s capabilities and what is required for them to reach occupational competency, taking into account any prior knowledge and experience within the standard that they may have. This is then validated by the employer and learning provider at their convenience and upon completion it provides a rich data source for evidencing recognised prior learning.

Skills Review will also highlight any skills gaps, so that the apprentice’s learning experience can be tailored to meet their needs. The platform also allows employers to check progress and distance travelled, helping them to stay up to date with their apprentice’s progress and monitor their journey to end-point assessment.

Why use Skills Review?

Skills Review provides a rich source of information for employers and providers and with this information, you can:

  • provide evidence of prior learning
  • make programme adjustments based on current performance and knowledge
  • gain accurate insight into apprentice’s starting point and distance travelled
  • support apprentices who have taken a break in learning
  • assess readiness for gateway and end-point assessment.

Supporting apprentices who have taken a break in learning

As there are a number of apprentices whose programme delivery has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, where an apprentice has had to take a break in learning, Skills Review can be used as a measure of learner knowledge once they have been safely allowed to continue with their programme.

Moving your delivery online or enhancing your current delivery is a new challenge for many providers and we want to support you to retain apprentices and their funding, where possible. Our team can provide a demonstration of Skills Review and support your needs as you adjust and modify your delivery.

Are you new to eLearning and remote delivery?

If you’re new to remote teaching, read our 5 top tips for remote training for apprentices from Daniel Howard, Managing Director at Skills Forward. You can also find out how we’re using our eLearning experience to help learners stay online and on track using our e-portfolio software.

For more information on Skills Review email us on or book a demonstration with the team.

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