November Update from Daniel Howard

Another month has gone by and while the rumblings in Parliament have been well documented on the news, we’re still no closer to leaving the European Union but we are now aware that a general election will take place on the 12th December. 

The coming general election result could have implications on policy, funding and potentially jeopardise some of the commitments that were already set out by the current Prime Minister. Yet, while the political arena remains uncertain, things continue to progress at Skills Forward.

 In recent weeks, we have deployed some of the first upgrades to the Skills Forward platform, releasing a new menu, dashboard and improved functions to aid user accessibility.

 Later this month, we are also launching our brand new employability assessment product, ‘Skills Work’, which has been built against the criteria within the new CBI employability framework, and has been endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals. Here at Skills Forward, we always ensure that we are working to support our customers to meet their regulatory and auditing requirements.

 Having read with interest some of the first Ofsted Inspection reports published under the new Education Inspection Framework, we will soon be launching a new Ofsted data dashboard to help measure key criteria within the new EIF. In addition, Skills Forward is launching a series of CPD events to support our customers and the frontline practitioners delivering English and maths. 

These will be complimentary for Skills Forward customers and will be a mixture of monthly webinars and regional workshops and more information will be available on our website soon!

Skills Work

As previously mentioned, Skills Work will be launching later this month and we’re very excited to show you everything we’ve been working on. Skills Work has been developed with employability specialists and has been endorsed by the Institute of Employability Professionals (IEP).

Skills Work supports the most recent expansion of the CBI strategy and is a suitable part of the Gatsby benchmark process for evidencing high quality careers advice and guidance. It will help you to identify and agree your learners’ baseline strengths and weaknesses and then design tailored and personal learning plans based on those areas for further development.  You’ll be able to accurately track the distance travelled from the start to the end of their course to support action planning and measure impact.

Find out more about Skills Work and how it could work for your organisation.

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