National Apprenticeship Week 2020

This year National Apprenticeship Week is running from Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th February – the weekend is now included so even more apprentices can get involved!

The government is piloting full access for SMEs to training providers, opening up apprenticeships to the biggest pool of employers since the apprenticeship reforms in 2017. We believe that apprenticeships can add an incredible amount of value to every business and Skills Forward is committed to supporting this connection.

A common misconception is that apprenticeships are exclusively for school leavers or people who don’t want a degree but this definitely isn’t the case.  The landscape for apprenticeships has changed and a broad range of people are now apprentices. For example, there are people who are doing an apprenticeship whilst also gaining a degree, people over 30 who are who would like to progress in their current career or change career path entirely. The National Apprenticeship Service has asked that everyone ‘look beyond’ their interpretations of apprenticeships during National Apprenticeship Week and see the possibilities and opportunities that are open for more people than ever before. 

As an organisation we’re proud to support apprentices and our new platform Skills Review is a brilliant new resource to enable us to do just that!

Read Luke Ambler’s success story as he moves on to the next stage in his career using the skills he’s developed during his apprenticeship. If you have your own apprenticeship success story, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch and tell us how you’ve advanced your career using an apprenticeship by emailing

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