Skills Builder: Support for GCSE maths and English

Skills Builder online initial assessments, learning resources and data driven insights for GCSE maths and English, can support teachers and education providers to improve learner’s results whilst saving valuable teaching time.

On demand initial assessment

The Skills Builder initial assessment for GCSE features industry-leading results data as it is the only initial assessment to give your learner’s overall working-towards level from ungraded to Grade 9. The data will also show your learner’s ‘spiky’ profile – a detailed and comprehensive analysis of their strengths and weaknesses across different subject matter.

The GCSE English initial assessment shows your learner’s current levels in reading, composition, and spelling and grammar. The GCSE maths initial assessment shows the learner’s current levels in number and ratio, algebra, shape, space and measure, and data handling. Both subjects have options for a foundation diagnostic and a higher diagnostic to help support progression.

Individual skills plan and learning resources

Using the assessment and results of your learner’s strengths and skills gaps, Skills Builder will then provide a colour-coded individual skills plan (ISP) and targeted learning resources for the learner to work through.

As the learner works through these resources and completes a summative assessment, they will be marked at completed as an indication of their knowledge gained in that area.

We have a huge bank of new GCSE resources at both foundation level and higher, including information pages, video tutorials, practice skills and summative assessments.

Data-driven insights to support targeted interventions

Using Skills Builder data and reports, tutors can scrutinise skills gaps and course progression at an individual learner or whole group level. This will support you to make targeted interventions, where they are needed without compromising teaching at group level.

Skills Forward and GCSEPod

Skills Forward has collaborated with GCSEPod to give learners access to short bursts of audio-visual learning. Designed to help learners progress, improve grades, and increase the chance of passing English and maths GCSEs. The collaboration provides Skills Forward customers discounted access to the platform.

Available anytime, on any device, GCSEPod supports learners to learn on the move and engage with subjects at their own pace. In addition to the full English and maths GCSE specification, the recently launched PASS4English and PASS4Maths, created by specialists, targets the key areas to help secure a Grade 4.

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