Initial assessment is the vital starting point of the learner journey whether it is a regulated or non-regulated ESOL course. It provides the baseline from which to measure any distance travelled and learner progress. .The initial assessment will also give an indication of your learner’s strengths and weaknesses.

The Skills Forward ESOL initial assessment is unique for many reasons. We know many ESOL learners present with a spiky profile, for example, their speaking and listening skills may be better than their writing skills. Using the Skills Forward initial assessment for ESOL will support you to understand a learner’s levels in reading; the writing topics of grammar, punctuation and spelling; and listening and develop their skills in those areas identified for improvement.

It will also assess their overall English level from Pre-entry to Level 2. The assessment is mapped to the equivalent IELTS and CEF levels, so learners and tutors can switch between frameworks on their end report.

The assessment has audio so every question will be read to the learner therefore headphones are advisable especially for the listening section. The assessment is also adaptive, responding to a learner’s answers and offering correspondingly easier or harder questions.

The assessment is available in a paper-based format with a speaking and listening section that has sample questions and a marking sheet.

For more information, to arrange a trial or to purchase, contact or call our Customer Engagement Team on 0300 102 1023.