Eden Training Solutions

“Having recently switched to Skills Forward to support learners with their functional skills, Eden Training Solutions have seen nothing but a positive impact. When learners are first signed up, they complete initial assessments to determine the level they are currently working at. They then complete diagnostics, to further highlight areas that they may need additional […]

Redbridge Institute

“Redbridge Institute have been using Skills Builder for a year now and our IAG team have found using it very easy. Learners are able to set themselves up with a log in easily and enjoy navigating the product. The Skills Forward team have been responsive to our requests and personalised the welcome screen so that […]


“Skills Forward customer support have been always available to train our staff in both the hierarchy of the platform and the optimal use of the assessment, diagnostics and skills plan resources. This was accomplished by a series of webinar sessions as well as face-to-face coaching sessions at locations UK-wide. They were particularly helpful in mapping […]

Remit Group

“Remit Group have been with Skills Forward for over 5 years and we use both SkillsBuilder and SkillsPortfolio and have found both products work really well. The support from staff within Skills Forward is fantastic and the team are always happy to help and will work to ensure they meet the needs of the customer. […]

New City College

“We first starting using Skills Forward at our Redbridge campus, screening applicants and diagnosing all our maths and English candidates during induction. This gave us excellent data on starting points and showed group needs to teachers. We purchased Notebooks for maths and English classrooms so that the resources could be used in and out of […]